2004 Hajj

Posted On: 2018-09-11 18:57:03

Al Salam Alaikoum Wa Rahmet Allah Wa Barakatuh…. I just want to share with you the wonderful experience we had in Hajj. First of all, praise & glory to Allah who made this Hajj such an easy journey. Without Allah’s guidance and help, we would not have been able to complete this part of our religion. Secondly, I would like to thank Dar Al Eiman’s Hajj Company; they made our trip very comfortable and very easy. Dar Al Eiman’s accommodations throughout the Hajj journey were the best and we greatly appreciate them. Dar Al Eiman’s team was very kind, generous, hospitable, and very caring for all the group members. The team helped us through our spiritual journey as well, by sharing and touring different religious sites. Jazaku Allah kheir again for the wonderful experience and if you ever need any references, please feel free to give our email address aseemmujt@aol.com. May Allah reward Dar Al Eiman Company for its wonderful accommodations, its help and continuous efforts to make this obligation as easy as possible Aseem & Rabya Asrar Mujtaba

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