2006/2007 Hajj

Posted On: 2018-09-11 18:56:31

To: Dar Al Eiman For Hajj & Umrah Al Salam Alaikoum Wa Rahmet Allah….. I thank Allah for providing my wife & I, with a good health & the means to complete one of Allah’s obligations and I ask for His forgiveness. May Allah accept our Hajj and shower us with His mercy and blessings, Insha’Allah. I’d like to express my appreciation & gratitude to Dar Al Eiman’s management for its dedication, sincerity and hard work to accomplish its mission. I declared the intention to perform this Hajj journey, with patience and understanding of the sacrifices, and Allah made it easy & successful. My wife was terribly sick in Makkah after the first Umrah before Hajj. She was taken to two different hospitals in Makkah but still she was not feeling any better. Her health situation has reached a stage where she was insisting to go back to the USA without performing Hajj. I was literally in tears all that time and asking for Allah’s help. Next day, I went down to speak to Br. Ahmed Shadeed, one of Dar Al Eiman’s partners, to help us return back to the USA. This was a test for us from Allah. When I explained the health condition of my wife to Br. Ahmed, he immediately made fast arrangements to bring a physician to the hotel. Within an hour, the medical treatment had started to work for my wife and Al Hamdullilallah, she started to recover very fast. With trust in Allah, and the help from Dar Al Eiman’s team, we were able to smoothly perform all the rituals of Hajj, without any health issues. There were more improvements in the operations this year than in 1999. I sincerely request that Dar Al Eiman puts an evaluation page on its website, so that the pilgrims can post their comments & feedback after their pilgrimage experience for future improvements. May Allah reward you for your effort. Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you. Bahauddin Bade' & Family

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