2007 Hajj

Posted On: 2018-09-11 18:55:47

Br. Saidi, My wife and I, we sincerely ask Allah that you will be abundantly rewarded for your excellent & enjoyable Hajj program. We thank you for your tolerance, great patience & prompt assistance whenever we needed help. We also thank you for all the great overviews, letters & e-mails you have sent in the process of preparing us for Hajj and giving us a very clear picture of what we will be going through in the Hajj program. It was a thorough & complete set of instructions that fully prepared us for the Hajj, from all aspects. My wife and I, we conclude that the trip we took with Dar Al Eiman to perform Hajj is the best thing that has happened to us in more than 27 years, living in the USA. We cannot stop talking about it & can never forget the joy we felt in every part of the Hajj program. Although we had to walk a lot, with very little sleep & we were feeling exhausted most of the time, yet all the tiredness we have been through was still sweet, enjoyable & extremely rewarding, both spiritually & physically. With the help of Allah, the brothers in Dar Al Eiman spared no efforts in order to make our trip go very smooth. We understand that the mission and the tasks that the organizers go through are tremendously tiring and there are tons of matters, which must be coordinated in order for the Hajj process to be executed properly. Al Hamdulellah, we did not have a problem throughout the whole process of Hajj. What someone might consider a problem, we considered it part of the Hajj process, little incidents must happen, simply because it is Hajj & Allah made it that way. Please keep up the good work. I have talked to some of my friends who went to Hajj with other companies, and I can tell you that you are doing a GREAT JOB. Sincerely, Abdul Magid Omar, Abu Osama & My wife Um Osama From Chicago

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